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Personal Decisions

Personal Decisions

It’s not just medical decision at end of life: we each have personal preferences. This often needs time and thought.
3 points to keep in mind:

  1. Thinking about your end-of-life can be exhausting and emotional.
  2. Thinking through what’s important often means having ‘Aha!’ moments about yourself.
  3. Determining personal choices at end of life can give you and yours peace of mind.

As you gather courage to think through personal decisions, it can help to acknowledge it is a fearful topic, and that it’s often hard to know where to start.

What worries you?

Sometimes the best starting point for end of life contemplations is What worries you . For others, the starting point is writing about who is important .

What’s important?

On a personal level, what’s important can include relationships to (try to) mend, for others knowing the most common regrets can offer a chance to live life out without any.

What to consider?

Often, it’s hard to know what you should consider, when ‘considering’ what you’d like to have ‘in place’ before The End. For some its repairing relationship, for others it’s paperwork.

How much do I want to know?

How much do you already know about your health? Different health conditions, and those with more than one health condition, can well have several ‘decision’ or crisis points along their journey.

You are The Boss

Remember – your end of life wishes can be changed as often as you want and as long as you’re considered ‘competent and capable’ of consenting to treatment. While this may seem a simple and obvious to determine whether you’re of sound mind, with certain conditions your ‘competence’ can change from hour to hour.

Why am I crying?

Sometimes these ‘explorations’ can bring on bouts of grief. This is normal, although often exhausting and overwhelming.

How will I be remembered?

Is it important to you to think about how you’ll be remembered?

Sometimes memories are preserved in loving conversations, sometimes it’s memorabilia, and sometimes it’s a Legacy effort with more than one person in your family or communities. In this digital age, there are many services to help you preserve or create your own ‘memoires’ of life.

Congratulations for starting your Personal Decisions Journey.

This can also help when you’re considering Medical Decisions and creating your BestEndings Advance Directives