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med wordsMedical Terminology

Every health condition comes with its own language, medical terminology and decision options. End of Life is no different.  While CPR and DNR may be familiar to many, that doesn’t mean they are understood as intended.

New ‘terms’ such as Allow Natural Death or AND and Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking or VSED have been created to add to options to consider.   Understanding the words and terms used is one thing. Being able to act on them is another.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver, Daughter-in-law

Tina Murphy and father-in-law, Poppa Tina’s story of Alzheimer’s: love and understanding I was fortunate enough to walk through a journey of Alzheimer’s by my father-in-law’s side. Together we mastered the mysteries, the fears and the utter atrocity that the...

Alzheimer’s and Restraints: Benefits and Risks

Sylvia Davidson, Advanced Practice Leader To restrain or not to restrain Until I met Sylvia Davidson, the word restraints scared the bejesus out of me, conjuring up straight jackets, handcuffs, ropes tape over mouth and struggling terrified restrainees. (clearly,...

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